About us

Do! Do not talk

Many of us know the theory of Kaizen, Kanban and Lean Production. However, only a few have mastered the practice of truly steadying processes and reducing costs.

About us

Do! Do not talk

Many are familiar with the theory of Kaizen, Kanban and Lean Production. However, only a few have mastered the practice of steadying and reducing costs.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts*

Often, attempts to successfully implement the above theories in one’s own company fail due to the lack of practical knowledge, the layer of clay that we all know. Measures are implemented, but in the wrong order or only in partial areas. This has nothing to do with strategically correct action.

Or, although extensive analyses of cost reductions and efficiency improvements have been prepared, the necessary conclusions have not been drawn from them. Another stumbling block is not setting standards or not complying consistently or only partially with standards that have been introduced.

It is even worse when employees have not understood the meaning of the standards. As a result, the method is then usually denigrated and promising opportunities are not seized.

*Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.)


We encourage the company’s own responsibility and do not make it dependent on us or MORE-Consulting. Conversely, we also act independently and objectively. In the event of conflicts of interest or in potential conflict situations, we inform all parties immediately or as soon as possible.


It goes without saying that we treat all information provided by our clients as confidential.


We examine each project for its chances of success and do not raise unrealistic expectations. When we take on a task, we work on its solution in a goal-oriented manner and with optimal use of resources.

MORE-Consulting Competence Guarantee

We only accept orders for the careful fulfillment of which we have sufficient experience and knowledge. Otherwise, we reject the order.

What do we do differently?

We don’t believe in consultant employment programs, in other words, we deliver performance and results.

We don’t tell you what you already know.

Our performance is measured solely by the improvement of your bottom line.

We are a member of DDIM


Realistic view of the future

It is important to us to use and implement given talents and experience for your company in the best possible way. We support our customers in solving business challenges through professional competence as well as consistent project management.

We develop groundbreaking solutions for small and medium-sized companies in our specialist areas of interim management, reorganization of company expansions and process optimization, including lean production.

We measure ourselves by the satisfaction of our customers and our innovative contribution to your company.

No one can be clairvoyant. But look realistically into the future. And to assess and evaluate the future, you have to ask the right questions, including:

1. what does the development (in the next five years) in the market mean for us?

2. are the internal restructuring measures already sufficient? What contribution do they make to earnings today?

3. is the supply chain flexible enough?

4. what about the portfolio, working capital, resources?

5. what should be done with unprofitable divisions?

6. are there the necessary financial resources for further development?

7. should you secure specialists and resources now?

8. what risks does economic development pose?

9. is the liquidity/equity base given or sufficient?

Want to learn more about improvement, consistency and cost reduction across the board?

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